4 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Yoga
Yoga is a physical and mental practice that dates back thousand of years, but has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Many people are unaware of all the benefits of yoga.
Does Running Lead to Arthritis?
Running is a healthy activity that impacts health in many positive ways. Unfortunately, many runners complain about having knee pain. One common claim is that long distance running will lead to knee osteoarthritis, which is sometimes known as “wear and tear” arthritis.
Do High Fat Diets Work?
High fat diets have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and are often claimed to be great for those looking to lose body fat.
Benefits of Weight Training
It’s common knowledge that weight training is amongst one of the most effective ways to build muscle and increase strength, but there are many more benefits of weight training.
What is Kinesio Tape?
Kinesio tape is an adhesive tape designed to prevent and treat sports injuries and a variety of other disorders.
A Guide for Better Sleep
No matter what you do for a living sleep is important. Many teenagers and adults don’t get nearly enough good quality sleep on a regular basis. Consistently getting inadequate sleep will slowly destroy your central nervous system and leave you in a state of constant fatigue. So how much sleep do you really need?
Accelerate Your Recovery
Maybe you just suffered a nasty injury and can’t wait to get back to exercising. Or maybe you’re an athlete who just finished a grueling training camp and now has to prepare for competition. Regardless of your current situation, recovery is extremely important for athletic ability and overall health. Let’s take a look at some ways to accelerate your recovery.
Pros and Cons of Using a Standing Desk
Many Canadians sit way too much. Sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy and some people have even referred to sitting as the new smoking. People who sit for long periods of time without breaks increase their likelihood of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other conditions.
Am I Overtraining?
Overtraining is a term that gets tossed around a lot amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It is certainly possible to overtrain and the consequences of overtraining are serious.
How to Treat Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Pain and how to treat it

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